This site can best be described as a perfect complement to traditional economics education.

Think of ecoNomNomnomics as a fusion of an introduction to economic principles and lolcats. If you have not been introduced to lolcats yet, you may not fully appreciate the joke. We believe that economics is both fascinating and important to understand, and we really like webcomics.

May I Reprint Your Material?
You are free to copy and reuse our drawings and text (noncommercially) if you tell people where they are from – so link back to the site or credit economnomnomics.com

If you use this material in a classroom setting, email joy@economnomnomics.com and tell us about your experience.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License.

Who started all of this?
I’m Joy and I am a professor at Samford University.  I like what I do even though it’s less funny than lolcats and arguably will never increase social welfare more than xkcd.com.  My second creative outlet is a historical fiction novel about Nicodemus, check out: www.NicodemusStory.com

Email me…  joy@economnomnomics.com

This theme is being turned into a serious of blogs, for example on supply.

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